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DCP and Short Films

Ahmet Hızarcı

I attended a workshop organized by 24th Istanbul International Short Film Festival on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 : “A new path for the short film in cinema halls DIGITAL CINEMA PACKAGE ( DCP )” by Yaşar Ahmet Hızarcı.

Yaşar Ahmet Hızarcı is director, producer and general manager of Atlas Multimedia Productions in Istanbul. He gave Turkish short filmmakers many useful information about Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI), Digital Cinema Package (DCP), Digital Cinema Projection and advantages/benefits of digital cinema.  We also saw the the latest updates about digital movie theaters all around the world.

Hilmi Etikan, the director of the festival and the owner of Filmür Production offered to the feature length filmmakers (both directors & producers) a wonderful (yet some utopic) suggestion: “How about select a short film and embed it to your copy and screen it just before your own film?” Thus this short film also finds its audience in movie theaters. As a fan of this idea, I wish I would be one of them to support short filmmakers. 😉

Many thanks to Mr. Hızarcı and Mr. Etikan for this useful workshop…

 Ahmet Hızarcı & Hilmi Etikan

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