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İki Film Bir Kitap / Two Films One Book

17 Mayıs Pazar günü düzenlenen etkinlikte önce kitabım Lâmia-KAN BAĞI‘nı imzaladım, ardından kısa belgesel filmlerim 8’den 8’e SAHİLDEKİLER ve Metruk’u izledik.

Etkinliğe katılan konuklara ve destekleri için Maltepe Nazım Hikmet Kültür Merkezi‘nin değerli ekibine çok teşekkürler.

Bir sonraki imza günümde görüşmek dileğiyle…


I have attended the “Two Film One Book  Event”  which was organized by the Maltepe Nazım Hikmet Cultural Center on Sunday, 17 May 2015. After signing my book Lâmia-CONSANGUINITY my short documentaries (Coastlanders 8 to 8 and the Abandoned) were screened.

Many thanks to all guests and Maltepe Nazım Hikmet Cultural Center for their kind support.

See you on the next book signing event…

Orkide Ünsür, actress Şenay Aksoy

Orkide Ünsür, TV editor & poet Bülent Ömeroğlu



Şarköy’deki Etkinlik / The Şarköy Event

Şarköy’ün Geleceği Platformu’nun davetiyle katıldığım, Namık Kemal Üniversitesi Şarköy Meslek Yüksek Okulu Konferans Salonu’nda, 5 Mayıs Salı günü düzenlenen etkinlik benim için çok özel ve heyecan vericiydi.

Kısa belgesellerim 8’den 8’e SAHİLDEKİLER ve Metruk’un gösteriminin ardından  filmlerimle ilgili soruları cevapladım ve kısa film üzerine konuştuk.

photo by Işın Neslihan Domaniç

Kitabım Lâmia-KAN BAĞI’ndan ilk kez bir bölüm okuduğum etkinlik, aynı zamanda herkese açık ilk imza günümdü.

Konukseverlikleri ve ilgileri için başta Sayın Işın Neslihan Domaniç  ve Ebru Camgöz olmak üzere tüm “Şarköy’ün Geleceği Platformu” üyelerine,  Namık Kemal Üniversitesi Şarköy Meslek Yüksek Okulu Müdürü Doç. Dr. Sayın Elman Bahar’a, Yüksek Okul Sekreteri Sayın Rıdvan Demir’e, etkinliğe katılan öğrencilere ve Şarköy halkına, video ve yardımları için de Sayın Ali Turnaoğlu’na çok teşekkürler.

Yıllar önce gelmiş olduğum bu güzel ilçede güneşin batışı gerçekten bir başka 🙂

I was invited for the “Short Film Screening & Book Signing Event” which was organized by the Şarköy’s Future Platform on Tuesday, 5 May 2015 at the Namık Kemal University Şarköy Vocational School Conference Hall.

After the screenings of my short documentaries (Coastlanders 8 to 8 and the Abandoned) I answered the questions.

This event was very special and exciting for me not only for the my first public book signing, but also book reading (Lamia-CONSANGUINITY) in front of the audience.

Thanks a lot for their kindly invitation and hospitalization to Ms. Işın Neslihan Domaniç, Ms. Ebru Camgöz (Şarköy’s Future Platform); Mr. Elman Bahar (Vocational School Manager), Mr. Rıdvan Demir (Vocational School Secretary), the students and Şarköy residents who attended the event. Special thanks to Mr. Ali Turnaoğlu for the video and his support.

I visited this lovely town many years ago. The colors of sunset are unique here indeed 🙂

photo by Orkide Ünsür


Metruk is selected for the OFF ’12 ODTÜ Film Festival

ODTÜ (METU) Film Festival (OFF ’12)  is organized by ODTÜ Sitop ( Middle East Technical University, Cinema Community ) in Ankara, Turkey.  The festival will be held on February 28- March 2, 2012. There will be no awards for the film festival as there isno competition involved. OFF ’12 is a nice opportunity for Turkish short filmmakers to share their works  and to celebrate the art of cinema. Metruk (The Abandoned) will be screened on Tuesday, February 28 at 15:30  (03:30 p.m.)

There will be ” In Memoriam” screenings held for Greek filmmaker Theo Angelopoulos and Turkish filmmaker Ömer Kavur.

Here is the festival schedule 

Metruk is finalist in Boston Turkish Festival

from the movie Metruk (The Abandoned)

Metruk (The Abandoned) is selected as finalist for the 16th Boston Turkish Festival Documentary & Short Film Competition in Boston, Massachusetts,  USA. It will be screened on Wednesday, December 7, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. in Boston Public Library.

Members of this year’s Competition Jury include:

Haden Guest, Director, Harvard Film Archive
Peter Keough, Film Editor – Boston Phoenix
Carter Long, Katharine Stone White Curator of Film, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

The Boston Turkish Festival Documentary and Short Film Competition provides a rare opportunity for filmmakers to have a platform in the United States for their films to reach an international audience, as well as film critics.

(Source: http://www.bostonturkishfestival.org)

Metruk at Heart of England International Film Festival

The Heart of England International Film Festival will be based in the ancient market town of Tenbury Wells in Worcestershire, United Kingdom between September 4th and 11th 2011. The Royal Oak Hotel is the main venue for the festival. Metruk (The Abandoned) will be screened on Friday September 9,  at 08:00 p.m.

Here is the screening schedule for the festival

Metruk is Finalist for IFFI 2011

The 2011 International Film Festival Ireland will take place between September 1st and 9th 2011 in Clonmel, Tipperary, Ireland. Metruk (The Abandoned) is selected as finalist for IFFI 2011  in the category of  “Europe under 20 “.   It will be screened on Sunday, September 4 at 11.40 a.m. Here are the nominated films in this category:

A KING SIZE BED Marc Dujarric 10,  France
WHEN THE HURLYBURLY’S  DONE  Hanna Maria Heidrich/Alex Eslam 15, Germany
WOOD OF VALUE Bjorn Bratberg 16,  Norway
QUIPPE DANCE Alberto Nacci 5,  Italy
METRUK (THE ABANDONED) Orkide Unsur 12 , Turkey

Here are some trailers from  IFFI 2011 on youtube channel

“Metruk” is Number 1 on MiShorts’ Top 10 List

I am happily and proudly announcing that my short film Metruk (The Abandoned) is Number 1 in the current Top 10 most-watched videos on MiShorts’ popular Dailymotion channel. Metruk achieved for being the most popular short film among the all others within just 5 days.  It is also available on  MiShorts platform for buying & downloading.

Here is the screengrab  which MiShorts team sent me this morning. (Right now it already hits 2517)

This result  is a great motivation for me as I am in the writing process of my new short fiction film’s  screenplay now.

Metruk is now available on MiShorts

Metruk (The Abandoned) had an invitation from MiShorts team so I’ve  joined the platform and uploaded my film. Now you can watch & download Metruk by joining the MiShorts as using “join mishorts” button. MiShorts is a “boutique” short film VOD service for indie filmmakers, an online platform to promote themselves and their work to a global audience.

It is exciting experience for me to share my work  via MiShorts platform besides the festivals. I will be waiting for your comments & thoughts. Thank you for your interest.

Watch the trailer

Watch the entire movie

Metruk is Finalist for Festival International du Film Merveilleux in Paris

from the movie Metruk (The Abandoned)

The 2nd edition of the  Festival International du Film Merveilleux  (The International Fantasy Film Festival) to  be held in Paris from June 30 to July 2nd 2011.  The themes of the Film festival are magic, the imaginary, the marvelous, the supernatural, the occult, the strange, the esoteric, poetry, the fantastic, science -fiction, legends, comics, animated movies and mangas, video games…

It’s an international competition of recently produced films . The Jury 2011 is composed of following members: Xavier Gens ( Hitman, Frontière(s) ), Caroline Vié ( journalist ), Nicolas Alberny ( 8th Wonderland), Fabrice o Joubert ( French Roast,despicable me, shark tale).

The Festival director Benedicte Beaugeois  is also co founder of The Association Talulah.

Metruk (The Abandoned) will be screened at Théâtre douze, 6 avenue Maurice Ravel 75012 Paris on Saturday,  July 2 at  18:30

Here is the complete list of films and the screening schedule

Watch the trailer of the festival

(source: http://festival-film-merveilleux.com)

Metruk Wins Indie Fest Award of Merit

I am proud to announce that  Metruk (The Abandoned) has won the prestigious Award of Merit in the short documentary category from The Indie Fest Film Competition in California, United States. As a short documentary Indie winner, Metruk joins the ranks of other high-profile winners of this internationally respected award.

Thomas Baker, Ph.D., Chairman of the Indie Fest, remarked, “The Indie is not an easy award to win. Entries are received from around the world. The Indie helps set the standard for craft and creativity. The judges were exceptionally pleased with the exceptionally high quality of entries. The goal of The Indie is to help winners achieve the recognition they deserve.”

Indie awards go to those filmmakers who produce fresh, standout entertainment, animation and compelling documentaries. The Indie is a showcase for cinematic gems and unique voices.

Thanks again to Umut Can Sevindik and Alternatiffilm for their support.  This award is a great birthday present for me 🙂

(source: http://www.theindiefest.com/)

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