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I’m honored by a Congratulation Letter…

I’m thrilled by the congratulation letter sent by Culture and Tourism Ministry Cinema  General Director Mr. M. Cem Erkul for my screenplay Sitophobia which won the Wildsound One Page Screenplay Contest in Toronto, Ontario / Canada in December 2012.

I would like to send my deepest gratitude with my kindest regards to Mr. General Director for his kindness  which has been a great motivation for my new projects.


News About “Sitophobia” in Turkish Media

(in alphabetical order)


Maltepe Ekspres


Sinema Kulübü



Takvim Gazetesi


“Sitophobia” wins the WILDsound One Page Screenplay Contest!

I’m proud to announce that my screenplay “Sitophobia” is the winner of  the WILDsound FALL/WINTER 2011, 1 page Screenplay Contest at the WILDsound Film Festival in Toronto, Ontario / Canada. It will be made  into a film by Canadian filmmakers in 2012.

Fashion, diet, health, welness, as well as media and entertainment markets have been constantly pushing today’s modern women for being more slim and more skinny. Sitophobia draws attention to this important subject and it exaggeratedly, humourusly and surprisingly tells about the anxiety of a slightly overweighted young woman. I have a total confidence about Sitophobia and I am sure the audience will like its strong cinematographic side when it is screened.

I would like to congrats all the script writers since it is already a challenge writing one page script.

It was an exciting and enjoyable journey… A special thank you for all voters and supporters. Many thanks to WILDsound organization and especially to Mr.Matthew Toffolo for giving me this opportunity.

(from the “Reading Event” at the National Film Board of Canada)

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