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IZ TV is Turkey’s first documentary channel. During its maiden season in 2006, IZ TV has received Hotbird’s Honorable Mention and in 2007, IZ TV has been honored as Europe’s best documentary channel.

from the movie COASTLANDERS 8 to 8

8’den 8’e SAHİLDEKİLER / COASTLANDERS 8 to 8 will be broadcast on IZ TV’s “Indie  Films”. Here is the schedule for February:

February  8,  2011 at 08:50 p.m

February 12, 2011 at 11:30 a.m.

February 13, 2011 at 08:20 p.m.

Check out its web site for my short film and watch the trailer they prepared.

* Many thanks again to my small crew and all friends who support me and my short film.

“COASTLANDERS 8 to 8 “ is finalist for the Manisa Golden Sultanas Short Film Festival

from the movie COASTLANDERS 8 to 8


1 st  Manisa Golden Sultanas Short Film Festival will be held November 5-7, 2010. The festival organized by Manisa  Municipality and collaboration with Okumuş Adamlar Fikir Atölyesi. 8’den 8’e SAHİLDEKİLER / COASTLANDERS 8 to 8 is selected as  finalist for the Category of Documentary.

The Jury Members are:

Prof. Dr. Semih Çelenk, Dean (Dokuz Eylul University, Faculty of Fine Arts)

Prof. Dr. Faruk Kalkan, Dean (Yasar University, Faculty of Fine Arts)

Associate Prof. Lale Kabadayı (Ege University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Cinema )

Assistant Prof. Dr. Onur Çakaloz (Yasar University, Faculty of Arts, Department of Film Design)

Assistant  Prof. Dr. Serhat Baştan (Celal Bayar University)

Engin Kümüştekin (City Councilor in Manisa -Advertiser)

Demet Evgar (Cinema and Theatre Actress)

Tayfun Şengöz (General Art Director of  the Manisa Municipality City Theatre)

See the full list of short films which are selected for pre final and final as well.

COASTLANDERS 8 to 8 is on Cine 5 TV Channel

8’den 8’e SAHİLDEKİLER / COASTLANDERS 8 to 8 will be broadcast on “Kısa Metraj” (Short Metrage) Programme in Cine 5 TV ChannelSunday June 27, 2010 at 13:40 p.m. Programme will replay at 01:15 a.m.

-from the set- COASTLANDERS 8 to 8

Here are the short films: 8’den 8’e SAHİLDEKİLER / COASTLANDERS 8 to 8 Orkide ÜNSÜR – 2009 5 LİRA Serhat KARAASLAN – 2009 SU TANESİ Oğuzhan KAYA – 2008 BİR VÜCUT İKİ İNSAN Murat TAHAN – 2010 KÖY Mustafa DOK – 2009

“COASTLANDERS 8 to 8” is awarded

Behind the Camera

“COASTLANDERS 8  to 8”  has won the 3rd Best Documentary Award in 8th Istanbul International Environmental Short  Films Festival, the Category of National Competition.

Festival closing and the award ceremony will be taken place  at  Atatürk Cultural Center in Büyükçekmece on Friday 11, 2010.

“COASTLANDERS 8 to 8” is in “Balıkesir Cinema Days”


from the movie COASTLANDERS 8 to 8

4th Balıkesir Cinema Days” which is organized by SAMDER (Balıkesir Association of  Cinema Amateurs ) will be held on 1-6 June 2010. “8’den 8’e SAHİLDEKİLER /COASTLANDERS 8 to 8″  is selected for this organization and it ill be screened on Friday June 4.

Festival Schedule

“COASTLANDERS 8 to 8” is finalist for the Istanbul International Environmental Short Film Festival

from the movie COASTLANDERS 8 to 8

8th Istanbul International Environmental Short Film Festival will be held on June 9-11  2010 and “8’den 8’e SAHİLDEKİLER / COASTLANDERS 8 to 8” is in the category of national competition. All films will be screened at Ataturk Cultural Center in Buyukcekmece.

List of the festival films:

Shooting of the “Coastlanders 8 to 8” has finished…

The pre-production and production procedures of  “Coastlanders 8 to 8” (8’den 8’e Sahildekiler) have finished.  And we are in post production procedure. This short documentary movie can be considered a part of  and also a pre-production shooting of the main documentary project about Maltepe area in the future.


We observed a summer day at Maltepe Coastline in Istanbul and interviewed couple of local people who know the old times of the area.

at the boatDue to walking and working under the hot summer sun all day long we got sunburnt very much:-)  Local people were helpful for us and especially old people were very pleased to hearing about short documentary.  We did shooting on the boat and extra sunset shooting in other day.

As I known before and also as I heard from the Maltepe people my short movie will be the first  documentary about Maltepe Coastline.

between the stones

I like this place and I’m living here for many years. I also remember the old times we spent there with swimming etc. And I’ve been still spending some part of my daily time as walking and making fitness there towards to Princes’ Islands view.

Thanx to  Burçin Ankara and Murat Vanlı who worked with me and  did their best during the production procedure. Now I’m exited for the editing:-)

Burçin Ankara & Orkide Ünsür

Paten ve Kamera

Burçin 2

Test shots at the coast


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