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Duyuru / Announcement


Fikir annesi olduğum, yaklaşık on aydır emek verdiğim, proje yönetmenliğini yaptığım (birer karanlık öykümün de yer aldığı) 3 ayrı antolojiyi hazırladığım Dark İstanbul projesiyle yollarımız ayrılmıştır. Projede bana ait bir eser yer almayacaktır. Dark İstanbul ‘un yolunun açık olmasını temenni ederek, başta Sayın Sami Dündar olmak üzere Dark İstanbul’a emeği geçen herkese çok teşekkür eder, başarılar dilerim.

Sevgi ve saygılarımla…


Orkide Ünsür



“Genre Summit” Workshop

I attended the “Genre Summit 3” online horror workshop (April 24th-April 27th). It was very helpful, enjoyable and motivating indeed 😉

The Genre Summit is the first ever platform to focus on horror film production. The workshops presented by horror directors, producers, screenwriters and other experts.

Many thanks to the founder & the host of the Genre Summit, Shant Yegparian and all the horror film professionals who shared their knowledge and experience with us.

“Women Behind the Camera” Film Screening & Panel Discussion


I was a panelist for the  4 Film Directors, 4 Films “Women Behind the Camera” Film Screening & Panel Discussion organized by 11th National Short Film Festival on  Thursday, March 28, 2013  at  Dogus University H Block Theatre Hall in Istanbul.

The other panelists were  Bilgi Diren Güneş, Gökçe Pehlivanoğlu and Simge Gökbayrak. The panel was moderated by Asst. Prof. Mustafa Bülbül ( Dogus University- Faculty of Fine Arts And Design, Department of Visual Communication Design)

First,  our short films Metruk (The Abandoned), Oh No! My Father is Retired, Pierrot the Living Statue and Trace were screened and then the panel discussion begun. We talked about our personal journey for the short film genre, our filmmaking experiences, finding fund and sponsorship  for short films.  And finally, we shared our thoughts and experiences about being a female filmmaker in the film industry and in the cinema art which are still male dominated all around the world.

Thank you for the  IKFD/Istanbul Short Filmmakers Association & Dogus University gave us this opportunity.


Women Directors

I’ve seen my name on the “International List of Living Women Directors” by Women Directors: Navigating the Hollywood Boys’ Club . I’m honoured and thrilled. Thanks for their support.

Click here to view the link

Eminönü ’77 (Eminonu ’77)

Eminönü ’77  (Eminonu ’77)

Me and my brother made a one minute silent documentary which is the first film from our Super 8 film footage. We will make the second short documentary film (by using the whole film material) later. Stay tuned! 🙂

Synopsis: Eminonu ’77 is a Vintage Film was shot with a Super 8 movie camera. Filmed by our father in Istanbul in 1977,  mom and Okan take a small boat from Asian Side to European Side to visit Eminonu town which is especially famous with its historical  The New Mosque (Yeni Camii) and traditional pigeon feeding area located front of the mosque.

Edited & Produced & Directed by: Orkide & Okan Ünsür

Filmed by:  Ayhan Ünsür

Appearances:  Nermin & Okan Ünsür

Happy Birthday to Me!

My mom has found our developed Super 8 silent films from my childhood times some days ago and this is one of the most exciting surprises I’ve had this year! I supposed they were lost years ago and I was feeling very sad about them because they were lovely memoirs. It was my dad  (and sometimes my mom) who filmed the family (mostly me & my brother) with a Kodak M24 Instamatic which was very popular movie camera especially in 70’s.

I’ve decided to have digital transfer (telecine) of those films to make a DVD copy and  to have an avi format, and we made it done!  Me and my brother will work on it soon. Keep in touch! A humble, lovely short movie may come in the near future;-)

Interviewed by “Her Film”

Her Film” is a global project to build audiences for films by, for and about women. Her Film is run by Kyna Morgan in collaboration with Marian Evans  and with contributions by Lotus Wollschlager .  Kyna is a screenwriter and producer as well as a film publicity and marketing professional based in the U.S. and Toronto, Canada. Marian is a writer, cultural activist, filmmaker based in Wellington, New Zealand. She is the author of the Wellywood Woman blog and podcast.  Lotus is the official Her Film Reviewer, and an avid movie enthusiast based in U.S.

“Her Film” begins its country-focused series with female filmmakers and I’m honored and glad to be the first interviewee from Turkey.  Many thanks for their interest and support.

Click here to read the interview:


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