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Eminönü ’77 (Eminonu ’77)

Eminönü ’77  (Eminonu ’77)

Me and my brother made a one minute silent documentary which is the first film from our Super 8 film footage. We will make the second short documentary film (by using the whole film material) later. Stay tuned! 🙂

Synopsis: Eminonu ’77 is a Vintage Film was shot with a Super 8 movie camera. Filmed by our father in Istanbul in 1977,  mom and Okan take a small boat from Asian Side to European Side to visit Eminonu town which is especially famous with its historical  The New Mosque (Yeni Camii) and traditional pigeon feeding area located front of the mosque.

Edited & Produced & Directed by: Orkide & Okan Ünsür

Filmed by:  Ayhan Ünsür

Appearances:  Nermin & Okan Ünsür


Metruk at Heart of England International Film Festival

The Heart of England International Film Festival will be based in the ancient market town of Tenbury Wells in Worcestershire, United Kingdom between September 4th and 11th 2011. The Royal Oak Hotel is the main venue for the festival. Metruk (The Abandoned) will be screened on Friday September 9,  at 08:00 p.m.

Here is the screening schedule for the festival

Metruk is now available on MiShorts

Metruk (The Abandoned) had an invitation from MiShorts team so I’ve  joined the platform and uploaded my film. Now you can watch & download Metruk by joining the MiShorts as using “join mishorts” button. MiShorts is a “boutique” short film VOD service for indie filmmakers, an online platform to promote themselves and their work to a global audience.

It is exciting experience for me to share my work  via MiShorts platform besides the festivals. I will be waiting for your comments & thoughts. Thank you for your interest.

Watch the trailer

Watch the entire movie

Metruk (The Abandoned) is selected for the 11th Izmir International Short Film Festival

11th International Izmir Short Film Festival which organized by Izmir Cinema Association will be held November 3-7, 2010.  The competition category is only for fiction films. Metruk is selected for the category of documentary and it will be screened on Thursday 4 November at 13:00 p.m. The screenings will be at the auditorium of Izmir Turkish-American Association.

The Jury Members are:

Prof. Dr. Sevda Alankuş, Dean ( İzmir Economy University, Faculty of Communication)

Zeynep Özbatur Atakan, Producer

Volga Sorgu, Actor

Joel Foulet, Editor, Director

Theron Patterson, Director

Yeşim Tabak, Film Critic (Sabah Newspaper)

Ragıp Taranç, Assistant Professor (Dokuz Eylul University,  Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Film Design

Burcu Tatlıses, Musician, Lyricist, Short Film Director

Andreas Treske, Editor  (Yasar University, Faculty of Communication)

Mehmet Hadi Baran, Mardin Cinema Association President

Canan Demet Kebapçılar, Columnist (Haber Turk Newspaper)


Opening Film:

Glukhota: Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy (Ukraine)

Competition Films:

Kain: Kristof Hoornaert (Belgium)

Zu Vermieten: Emre Karapınar & İsmail Onay (Turkiye-Germany)

Hayerida: Shai Miedzinski (Israel)

Bugün Yok/No Today: İsmet Kurtuluş (Turkiye)

To My Mother and Father/Anne ve Babama: Can Evrenol (Turkiye)

Oma Rennt: Nikolaus von Uthmann (Germany)

Berf/Kar: Erol Mintaş (Turkiye-Romania)

Diarchia: Ferdinando Cito Filomarino (Italy)

All Flowers in Time: Jonathan Caouette (Canada)

Kindergeld: Övünç Güvenışık (Turkiye)

Aprilis Suskhi: Tornike Bziava (Georgia)

World Premiers:

Tatlıya Her Zaman Yer Vardır/There’s Always Room for Dessert: Müge Bayraktar (Turkiye)

Ayna/Mirror: Irmak Yamaç (Turkiye)

Screening Programme:


Anı Yaşamak/Living the Moment: Hakan Metin Mercan (Turkiye)

Khaneam Abrist: Karim Azimi (Iran)

Telepfone: Jeffrey Anderson Bliss (U.S.A.)

Mukadderat/Fatality: Cenk Kaptan (Turkiye)

Coming Attractions: Peter Tscherkassky (Austria)

Venus vs Me: Nathalie Teirlinck (Belgium)

Bear Market: James S. Blose (U.S.A.)

Transparent: Sammy Fransquet (Belgium)

Le Hobby: Nicolas Zappi (France)

Babam ve Spike/My Dad and Spike: Murat Kebir (Turkiye)

Candy Darling: Silvia Defrance (Belgium)

In Scale: Marina Moshkova (Russia)

Cigarette Candy: Lauren Wolkstein (U.S.A.)

Jour 0: Vincent Diderot (France)

The External World: David O’Reilly (Ireland)

Voice Wanted: Maria Stoyanova (Bulgaria)

WAGs: Evi Goldbrunner & Joachim Dollhopf (Germany)

Calling the Minstrel: Genevieve Appleton (Canada)

18: Nehir Tuna (Turkiye)

Seppi und Hias/Seppi ve Hias: Emre Koca (Turkiye-Germany)

Film ya da Film/Film or Film: Şükrü Apaydın (Turkiye)

Emanet/Custody: Ali Cem Doğan & Ayberk Olgay (Turkiye)


Tres Tristes Tigres: David Munoz (Spain)

Nea Radu /Fellow Radu: Stefan Scarlatescu (Romania)

Maturarul: Stefan Scarlatescu (Romania)

Kwa Heri Mandima: Robert-Jan Lacombe (Switzerland)

Metruk/The Abandoned: Orkide Ünsür (Turkiye)

Babam Tarih Yapıyor/My Father is Making History: Haydar Demirtaş (Turkiye)

Urban Bugs: Aykut Alp Ersoy (Turkiye)

Camgeran: Nagihan Çakar (Turkiye)

Metruk (The Abandoned) is selected for the Ladyfest Ten

Ladyfest is a global independent arts festival promoting and celebrating women’s creativity and counter-culture. It turns 10 years old this year. Ladyfest Ten takes place from Friday 12th until Sunday 14th November across various North London venues and it will involve iconic and emerging female talent from every field such as music, film, literature, craft, comedy and much more.

Metruk is selected for the LADYFEST TEN SHORTS and it will be screened on Friday 12 November, 2010 in London.

(Source: www.ladyfestten.com)

“COASTLANDERS 8 to 8 “ is finalist for the Manisa Golden Sultanas Short Film Festival

from the movie COASTLANDERS 8 to 8


1 st  Manisa Golden Sultanas Short Film Festival will be held November 5-7, 2010. The festival organized by Manisa  Municipality and collaboration with Okumuş Adamlar Fikir Atölyesi. 8’den 8’e SAHİLDEKİLER / COASTLANDERS 8 to 8 is selected as  finalist for the Category of Documentary.

The Jury Members are:

Prof. Dr. Semih Çelenk, Dean (Dokuz Eylul University, Faculty of Fine Arts)

Prof. Dr. Faruk Kalkan, Dean (Yasar University, Faculty of Fine Arts)

Associate Prof. Lale Kabadayı (Ege University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Cinema )

Assistant Prof. Dr. Onur Çakaloz (Yasar University, Faculty of Arts, Department of Film Design)

Assistant  Prof. Dr. Serhat Baştan (Celal Bayar University)

Engin Kümüştekin (City Councilor in Manisa -Advertiser)

Demet Evgar (Cinema and Theatre Actress)

Tayfun Şengöz (General Art Director of  the Manisa Municipality City Theatre)

See the full list of short films which are selected for pre final and final as well.

Director’s Statement

When I was a child, me and couple of my friends were very interested in playing around abandoned houses. We used to call them “Haunted Houses”. I loved them, though they scared me some.

I find these abandoned houses helpless, sad in a state of condemnation and loneliness. It seems that they have an amount of pride and integrity even in the state they’re in. People neither live in, nor collapse them. Basically, they’re just “hanging around.” People just pass by them without caring nor wondering, taking for granted their destiny to disappear bit by bit.

A home is a very special place which gives us privacy and provides us with a warm, secure nest. It’s our shelter. As a community, we have shared love, joy, happiness and bad times with seemly mixed emotions in these houses. In appearance, it gives a somewhat claustrophobic effect. Almost like our relationships with our loved ones. Once we cruelly leave these houses to their loneliness, the house turns into a devastated place as time passes. Like abandoned lovers. These houses are very gothic for me because they bring weirdness which is actually enormously familiar to us normally. Take a word like “Heim” that means home in German and “Unheimlich” (Unhomely) means “creepy, spooky, uncanny”. These two words have the same root “home”. I find them very charming and interesting. The correlation between them is relevant to our lifes.

In my neighbourhood, I have seen these abandoned houses for a long time. I took some pictures last year.

I was thinking about making a short docu this year. Months ago I realized this one in particular, is very close to collapsing because of the fire and it was looking very dangerous for the humans and animals as well in its neighborhood . So I immediately decided to shoot this movie before it was too late! I had no fund at the time or sponsor. I spoke to my cameraman  friend Umut Can Sevindik and his partner Hasan Serin in Alternatiffilm. I explained the situation and how I’ve been feeling about these abandoned houses and mentioned to them about my project. They love the idea! As they believed in the project and supported me. So with a small amount of production & post production money I produced my short film. We worked together and made Metruk (The Abandoned).

Of course there are many other abandoned houses in Istanbul but I just wanted to focus on the ones in my neighborhood only. I aim to help these houses with my movie because if Metruk is screened so many festivals or broadcasted some TV channels the authorities or rich investors may want to refurbish couple of them as they are historical old houses. I consider it to be kind of a duty on my behave to brighten my neighborhood and glorify something that has meaning as well as history.

Orkide Ünsür

Metruk (The Abandoned): A short experimental documentary by Orkide Ünsür

Watch the trailer

Metruk ( The Abandoned )

Genre: Short Experimental Documentary, Duration: 12′ 07”

Producer & Director: Orkide Ünsür, Camera & Editing: Umut Can Sevindik

LOGLINE: Condemned houses are like abandoned lovers.

SYNOPSIS: Condemned houses are like abandoned lovers that once shared good and bad moments. Now, because of abandonment and rejection they are left alone for selfdistruction. They are disappointed, upset and same proud. They’ll try to survive by resisting the passing of time. Yet if the lover comes back again one day, there is no possibility for living again together in the same house as it is. The house is now disconnected, worn by the weather and the aging of its stillness. The home has no more to offer as it once did.

Filmmaker Orkide Ünsür is observing the condemned houses in her neighbourhood…

(Special thanks to Alternatiffilm…)

Shooting of the “Coastlanders 8 to 8” has finished…

The pre-production and production procedures of  “Coastlanders 8 to 8” (8’den 8’e Sahildekiler) have finished.  And we are in post production procedure. This short documentary movie can be considered a part of  and also a pre-production shooting of the main documentary project about Maltepe area in the future.


We observed a summer day at Maltepe Coastline in Istanbul and interviewed couple of local people who know the old times of the area.

at the boatDue to walking and working under the hot summer sun all day long we got sunburnt very much:-)  Local people were helpful for us and especially old people were very pleased to hearing about short documentary.  We did shooting on the boat and extra sunset shooting in other day.

As I known before and also as I heard from the Maltepe people my short movie will be the first  documentary about Maltepe Coastline.

between the stones

I like this place and I’m living here for many years. I also remember the old times we spent there with swimming etc. And I’ve been still spending some part of my daily time as walking and making fitness there towards to Princes’ Islands view.

Thanx to  Burçin Ankara and Murat Vanlı who worked with me and  did their best during the production procedure. Now I’m exited for the editing:-)

Burçin Ankara & Orkide Ünsür

Paten ve Kamera

Burçin 2

Test shots at the coast


Short Documentary Film: Powwow (1996, Canada)

Powwow shortmovieset1

Selected for

  • IFSAK National Short Film and Documentary Festival (1997)
  • Hiroshima Film Festival (1997)


Producer and Director: Okan Ünsür | Co-Producer: Orkide Ünsür

Camera: Okan Ünsür,  Second Camera: Orkide Ünsür

Powwow time is the Native American people’s way of meeting together, to join in dancing, singing, visiting, renewing old friendships and make new ones. This is a time to renew thought of the old ways and to preserve a rich heritage.

For me, Native American culture is always interesting with their philosophy, way of thinking, and shamanic rituals.

In 1996 my brother Okan was in Montreal for education and I was working at ATV in Istanbul. We decided to shoot this short documentary about Powwow. I travelled to Canada and it was the longest trip in my life with 2 transfer destination. I had our Hi 8 camera in it’s case during all long hours by my side.  When I was in Montreal I was very happy but totally jetlag and tired.

During the shooting procedure, we are welcomed from the community and  spent nice time with them. I remember, it was very hot time in the middle of summer in July but second day of the event it rained cats and dog which was surprising.  I was nice experiment to know these people more, with observing their ceremonies, dances, songs, foods  and talking with them personally.

Orkide Ünsür

Powwow short movieset2

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