Short Documentary Film: Powwow (1996, Canada)

Powwow shortmovieset1

Selected for

  • IFSAK National Short Film and Documentary Festival (1997)
  • Hiroshima Film Festival (1997)


Producer and Director: Okan Ünsür | Co-Producer: Orkide Ünsür

Camera: Okan Ünsür,  Second Camera: Orkide Ünsür

Powwow time is the Native American people’s way of meeting together, to join in dancing, singing, visiting, renewing old friendships and make new ones. This is a time to renew thought of the old ways and to preserve a rich heritage.

For me, Native American culture is always interesting with their philosophy, way of thinking, and shamanic rituals.

In 1996 my brother Okan was in Montreal for education and I was working at ATV in Istanbul. We decided to shoot this short documentary about Powwow. I travelled to Canada and it was the longest trip in my life with 2 transfer destination. I had our Hi 8 camera in it’s case during all long hours by my side.  When I was in Montreal I was very happy but totally jetlag and tired.

During the shooting procedure, we are welcomed from the community and  spent nice time with them. I remember, it was very hot time in the middle of summer in July but second day of the event it rained cats and dog which was surprising.  I was nice experiment to know these people more, with observing their ceremonies, dances, songs, foods  and talking with them personally.

Orkide Ünsür

Powwow short movieset2


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