Short Documentary Film, Hidjaz Houmayoon (2002)

Hidjaz Houmayoon / Documentary (2002) ( 3th 1001 Documentary Film
Festival/Alanya,  1st Eastern Mediterranean International Underwater
Photography And Film Festival/Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus,  9th
Biennual International Festival of Underwater Photography /Switzerland)

Producer and Director: Okan Ünsür

Executive Producer: Orkide Ünsür

Underwater Camera: Okan Ünsür

Music: Murat Tuğsuz, Reed Flute Performed by: Eyüp Hamiş, Flute Performed by: Murat Çelik
caretta gif
I find the life under the sea is astonishing. The creatures which are living in a harmony with their nature rules in their habitat are so impressive for me.  Although I am not a diver and not planning to become one in the future, this magical atmosphere effects me heavily and I respect it.

In 2002 my brother Okan and I were in Kaş for making a promotional movie
of a diving center. Kaş/Antalya is a wonderful town famous for its diving
sites. We had an idea in our minds for some times to make a short under
water documentary about Kaş. So we planned our shootings and chose the most popular and interesting diving sites like Cave, Flying Fish, Canyon, and began to shoot. The most dangerous site was the Plane Wreck which only highplane gif professional divers like Okan are allowed. The plane had crashed for unknown reasons during the Second World War. The engine of the plane becomes visible at a depth of 57 meters; the other parts and the tail go down to the depths of more than 70 meters. Sometimes Okan followed a unique creature, or experienced the underwater exhibition with ceramic objects. And the night diving was done too. We decided to edit the movie with lyric style with the music but text.  It would be reflection of the divine, holy and mystic atmosphere of the under water world of Kaş and the Mediterranean Sea.

Turkish classical music consists of different kind of music tunes, a system of melody type called “makam”(maqam). Each makam specifies a unique intervallic structure and melodic development. Whether a fixed composition or a spontaneous composition all attempt to follow the melody type.

cave gif

Hidjaz Houmayoon makam belongs to Hidjaz family. Hidjaz (hijazz) makam is one of the oldest, most be loved and most common makam in Turkish classical music which gives the soul modesty, humbleness.

This tune infuse into divine melancholy too. So referring the beauty of the under water world and feeling the divine love and melancholy Hidjaz Houmayoon makam and it’s tune was a meaningful and nice choice. And of course, many thank’s to Murat Tuğsuz and Eyüp Hamiş

Orkide Ünsür


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