8’den 8’e SAHİLDEKİLER (COASTLANDERS 8 to 8): A short documentary by Orkide Ünsür

“The first documentary movie about Maltepe Coastline and  Sureyya Beach.”

Genre: Short Documentary, Duration: 13′ 53”

Producer & Director : Orkide Ünsür, Screenplay: Orkide Ünsür,  Camera: Burçin Ankara, Murat Vanlı,  Music : Umur Türel (DOKTOR DEPRESSION), “Crying Out”  Editing: Tamer Gültekin, Umut Can Sevindik

Logline: Brief oral history of Maltepe Coastline in Istanbul.

Synopsis: A hot summer day at  Maltepe coastline in  Istanbul  and the local community -including animals- who share the daily life there accompanied with the brief oral history of the coast and the Sureyya Beach at the background.


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