Documentary Filmmaking In Balkans

“Documentary Filmaking in Balkans” panel meeting held on the 25th of June 2010, in Akbank Sanat, Beyoğlu. It was very useful for all the documentary filmmakers both young and old generation from Turkey. Many thanks to Documentarist organizators Necati Sönmez, Emel Çelebi and the panelists. Participants were Martichka Bozhilova (Director of Balkan Documentary Center), Dimitri Eipides (Director of Thessaloniki Documentary Festival & Thessaloniki International Film Festival), Rada Sesic (Sarajevo Film Festival, curator of the documentary section), Veton Nurkollari (Director of DokuFest, Kosovo), Julio Soto (Producer and director of “My Beautiful Dacia”). Panel moderator was director Emel Çelebi who won the Best Balkanian Documentary Film Award last year with her film “Sisters of Lillith’s”.

At first, Balkan Documentary Center (BDC) which is a new initiative based in Sofia was introduced to the audiences. Panelists discussed about the importancy of BDC which includes project development, finding co-producer, distribution and regional cooperation for  Balkanian documentary filmmakers.

During the event, Turkish filmmakers were invited to the most important documentary film festivals in the region such as  Sarajevo Film Festival, Thessaloniki Documentary Festival and  DokuFest by festivals’ directors. Then we watched some trailers such as “Run For Life” ( directed by  Mladen Maticevic), “Ken Lee” (a documentary is created by internet users) which are succesful and well known documentaries  all around the world. We also had a chance to take participants’  opinions about these documentaries and some essential tips about how to make a good documentary.

I think Rada Sesic’s words were one of the best advices for filmmakers who make film in every genre: “We have to support each others. Because good films situmulate the good ones.”


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