And Küçükyalı Archeopark Cistern Opens Up Its Doors…

In cooperation with Istanbul Archeology Museums and Koç University with support from Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Agency, Küçükyalı Arkeopark II Project which includes Satyros Monastery and Cistern from 9th century Byzantian term opened up with magnificent concert on 3rd of July, 2010.
Whim ‘n Rhythm” which consisted of female students whom have been studying at different faculties in Yale University are “a cappella” singing assemble. Women Choir of Yale University presented 20th century popular American songs. Visitors of the concert include attendees from the  Princeton University, Koç University  as well.

During the event Alessandra Ricci who is the team leader of the Küçükyalı Arkeopark Excavations and also Asst. Prof. at Department of Archaeology and History of Art in Koç University, Maltepe Mayor Prof. Dr. Mustafa Zengin and Mukhtar of Çınar Quarter Ayşem Möröy presented speeches about how importance of this project is for our country and they thanked Maltepeans for there support.

Mayor Zengin presented a plaque of the Maiden Temple which is the iconic symbol used by “Golden Town Maltepe” to the members of the Women Choir as well as Alessandra Ricci presented a book on archeology titled “Egeria” and Turkish delight condiments.

Excavations are still ongoing for the Küçükyalı ArcheoPark project, one of the most important archeological sites, it aims to be the first archeological park in Istanbul.

Some Shots from the event:


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