Sketches of Flamenco

I think my passion for flamenco began watching Carmen movies as a child, but also listening to popular flamenco music groups famous in Turkey too, such as Gypsy Kings, Azúcar Moreno during the 80’s.

Having said that, one of my favorite film director Carlos Saura’s “Carmen“ and “El Amor Brujo” films really set the fire! The performances of well known flamenco dancers Antonio Gades, Christina Hoyos and Laura del Sol were unforgettable. I love Saura’s art which combines cinema & music & dance creativily.

Pedro Almodóvar’s amazing style or French filmmaker and composer of Gypsy origins, Tony Gatlif’s wonderful films & music impressed me much as well. Who can forget the movie “Vengo” once you have seen it?

I love many musicians, singers and dancers who are involved in flamenco music. For instance Paco de Lucia, Paco Pena, Al di Meola and Tomatito’s music or Pepe de Lucía, Concha Buika and David Lagos, Estrella Morente’s voice or charismatic dancer Joaquín Cortés’s performance are quite remarkable for me.

In my opinion, one of the best features of flamenco dance is that it allows you to dance solo! Unlike tango- which I deeply love too, it doesn’t take two to flamenco always…You can feel the women’s power in this dance even more!I find flamenco fashion elegant, charming and enjoyable. For instance Vicky Martin Berrocal’s designs are gorgeous!

Yeah, there are many good examples indeed and more …

Here in Turkey, we have a few interesting Turkish Flamenco songs. Öykü & Berk, who are brother and sister, have their own style which combines traditional Turkish music and flamenco music uniquely merged together. One of my favorite singers Candan Erçetin’s songs like “Söz Vermiştin Bana” with flamenco tunes, which are wonderful. Take a song like “Dile Kolay” performed by Ajda Pekkan (who is also one of my beloved singers) has very delicious tunes for me.

Actually Turkish people mostly like flamenco music! Probably because they feel themselves close to the mediterranean soul with its passion, love, joy and blues which attract them deeply and engulf them in.

My multitalented artist and friend Samantha H. Agastin’s art platform “Flamenco&Palomas’s Blog” is a brilliant idea and piece of artwork! She draws, writes and is also a TV Producer. Sam has great ideas and passion for flamenco. We’ll get together soon

Flamenco Art lovers! Stay tuned!..



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2 thoughts on “Sketches of Flamenco

  1. flamencoypalomas August 21, 2010 at 1:34 am Reply

    Very interesting influences Orkide…
    What did flamenco teach you as a filmmaker and writer?

  2. Orkide Ünsür August 21, 2010 at 8:36 pm Reply

    Wow! Nice question Sam 😉 I am just a flamenco lover, not a flamenco artist.
    Though it would be very exciting for me if my audience could find the answer to your question in my work…

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