About Closing Ceremony and Awards of the Festival…

The closing ceremony of the 8th International Environmental Short Films Festival which was organized by Büyükçekmece Municipality and Etkin Film Prodüksiyon was taken place at  Atatürk Cultural Center in Büyükçekmece on Friday 11, 2010. After the cocktail, awards ceremony has begun. Firstly Festival Director Mr. Vural Çavuşoğlu  and Büyükçekmece Major Mr. Hasan Akgün have made their speeches and the winners took  their prizes.

“8’den 8’e SAHİLDEKİLER / COASTLANDERS 8  to 8″ which is the first documentary about  Maltepe Coastline and Süreyya Beach has won the 3rd Best Documentary Award in the competition which is only organized in national category. During the festival some foreign short films have screened from different countries such as Spain, France, Germany, England Italy and Holland.

Here are the awarded films and directors that were selected by the jury members who are Cahit Berkay (Musician), Ediz Hun (Actor), Assist. Dr. Gülin Terek Ünal (Universtiy of Istanbul Faculty of Communication), Üstün Asutay (Actor), Vural Çavuşoğlu (Director):

Category of Documentary

1st Prize:  MADA (Director: Musa Ak)

2nd Prize: HALKİ HALKI (Director: Atacan Şimşek-Bulut Tar)

3rd Prize: 8’den 8’e SAHİLDEKİLER / COASTLANDERS 8 to 8 (Director: Orkide Ünsür)

Category of Live Action

1st Prize:  ARTI BEŞ DERECE (Director: Şenol Çöm)

2nd Prize: SU TANESİ (Director: Oğuzhan Kaya)

3rd Prize: BEŞ LİRA (Director: Serhat Karaaslan)

Category of Animation

Best Film: BİR VÜCUT İKİ İNSAN (Director: Murat Tahan)

Murat Şener Special Prize:

Students of Istanbul College with their works called PEGU

Prof. Dr. Suat Gezgin, Dean of the Faculty of Communication in Istanbul University and musician İskender Doğan were  awarded with special prize at the ceremony which was hosted by actor Ercan Bostancıoğlu. The night has ended by the songs of the musician Muzaffer Uludağ and also a wonderful tango performance by dancers.

* Special thanks to Ms. Çiğdem Larsen for my video and special thanks to Ms. Gül Toksoy for my picture …


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