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Happy Women’s Day!

Bilgi Diren Güneş, Orkide Ünsür, Müge Bayraktar

Nazan Erkmen

Funda Savaş Gün


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Funda Savaş Gün, Bilgi Diren Güneş, Müge Bayraktar, Orkide Ünsür, Nazan Erkmen, Mustafa Bülbül

I was honored to be part of  “Short Film & Cinema Through Women’s Eyes” Short Film Screenings and Conversation event. Many thanks to Dogus University-Faculty of Fine Arts And Design (Prof. Nazan Erkmen, Prof. Funda Savaş Gün, Mustafa Bülbül)  Ataşehir MunicipalityTurkish Association of University Women and talented female filmmakers Müge Bayraktar and Bilgi Diren Güneş. 


“Short Film & Cinema Through Women’s Eyes”

“ Short Film & Cinema Through Women’s Eyes”

 Short Film Screenings and Conversation

Place: Dogus University Gözaçan Cultural Center, Acıbadem/İstanbul

Time & Date: March 6,  2013  10.00 a.m-12.00 p.m.

Opening  Speech:  Prof. Nazan Erkmen (Dean, Dogus University-Faculty of Fine Arts And Design)

Moderator: Orkide Ünsür (Director, Scriptwriter)


Prof. Funda Savaş Gün (Department  Head of Visual Communication Design, Dogus University- Faculty of Fine Arts And Design)

Müge Bayraktar (Director)

Short  Film: There’s Always Room For Dessert! (Fiction / 25 min.)

Bilgi Diren Güneş (Director)

Short  Film: Oh No! My Father is Retired! (Documentary / 9,30  min.)


“American Independent Filmmaking” by Richard Peña

Richard Peña

Last Friday I attended a special event organised by Pera Film in collaboration with the U.S. Consulate in Istanbul at the Pera Museum Auditorium.

Richard Peña  is a  Professor of Film Studies at Columbia University.  He has been the Program Director of the Film Society of Lincoln Center and the Director of the New York Film Festival since 1988.

In his talk, Mr.  Peña briefly informed us about the development of non-Hollywood filmmaking from the Twenties until today. We also watched short films and  film sequences (A  Bronx Morning directed by Jay Leyda/1931,  Meshes of the Afternoon directed by Maya Deren and Alexander Hammid/1943, In the Year of the Pig directed by Emile de Antonio/1968 and Killer of Sheep directed by Charles Burnett/1977 ).

Many thanks to Prof.  Peña  and  the organizators.

“Meetings on the Bridge” Meets Cannes Film Festival

Meetings on the Bridge Meets Cannes Film Festival

Last Thursday I attended a panel organised by IKSV (Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts) at the French Cultural Center and moderated by Mehmet Demirhan.

We, Turkish filmmakers had the chance to meet two leading figures of the international film industry,  Georges Goldenstern (Director of Cinefondation and Aide aux Cinemas du Monde, Cannes Film Festival) and Julie Bergeron (Manager of Industry Programmes, Cannes Film Festival). We learned how they select the projects for The Atelier (L’Atelier) as well as we were able to ask so many questions to them.

The other panelists Turkish filmmakers Hüseyin Karabey (Scriptwriter, Director, Producer) Nadir Öperli (Producer) and Enis Köstepen (Producer) who participated at the events at Cannes shared their experiences with us. It was informative, encouraging and also enjoyable to hear their stories.

Many thanks to all panelists and to Meetings on the Bridge, Istanbul Film Festival team.

DCP and Short Films

Ahmet Hızarcı

I attended a workshop organized by 24th Istanbul International Short Film Festival on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 : “A new path for the short film in cinema halls DIGITAL CINEMA PACKAGE ( DCP )” by Yaşar Ahmet Hızarcı.

Yaşar Ahmet Hızarcı is director, producer and general manager of Atlas Multimedia Productions in Istanbul. He gave Turkish short filmmakers many useful information about Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI), Digital Cinema Package (DCP), Digital Cinema Projection and advantages/benefits of digital cinema.  We also saw the the latest updates about digital movie theaters all around the world.

Hilmi Etikan, the director of the festival and the owner of Filmür Production offered to the feature length filmmakers (both directors & producers) a wonderful (yet some utopic) suggestion: “How about select a short film and embed it to your copy and screen it just before your own film?” Thus this short film also finds its audience in movie theaters. As a fan of this idea, I wish I would be one of them to support short filmmakers. 😉

Many thanks to Mr. Hızarcı and Mr. Etikan for this useful workshop…

 Ahmet Hızarcı & Hilmi Etikan

Reality Bites Back: A Lecture by Jennifer L. Pozner in Bilgi University

I attended one of the “Domino Lectures Seminar Series” is organized by Media and Communication Systems Graduate Program at Santral Campus in Istanbul Bilgi University on April 11, 2012 Wednesday.

The lecture named “Reality Bites Back:  Gender, Race and Manipulation in U.S. Reality Television” was given by Jennifer L. Pozner.  She is Executive Director and Founder at Women In Media & News (WIMN) and the author of the book “Reality Bites Back: The Troubling Truth About Guilty Pleasure TV” .

After the short presentation and speech of Prof. Halil Nalçaoğlu (Dean, Faculty of Communication), he invited Ms. Pozner to the stage.  She showed us some extracts of  the webisode series “Reality Rehab with Dr. Jenn” created by her with the inspiration of “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew”.

She also mentioned about how media shows women, the double standards on gender and  manipulative editing (frankenbiting) in media by giving some examples to the audiences.

Pozner said “We need to educate children and adults in how to see beneath the surface to the underlying messages in popular media and news.” As a filmmaker, I would like to add it is also essential for all genre of movies…

Many thanks to Jennifer L. Pozner and Prof. Halil Nalçaoğlu for this amazing lecture.

Seminar: The Cinema Law & the Copyright Law in Turkey

I attended a seminar about “the Cinema Law and the Copyright Law in Turkey” on Sunday, April 1, 2012 at KargArt, Kadıköy in Istanbul. The Speaker was Mr. Sabri Kuşkonmaz who is a lawyer, filmmaker, poet and writer. The Moderator was Mr. Metin Gönen who is a director, scriptwriter, producer and the founder of Paradoks Film Prodüksiyon.

Mr. Kuşkonmaz presented us important information about the subject as well as he gave us some enjoyable examples and case studies. The Q/A session was also very helpful for especially documentary and emerging feature length filmmakers.

He said after the revisions and changings during the past years (2001 and 2004), it seems there will be another revision about the Law On  Intellectual And Artistic Works (Law No: 5846)  regarding compatibility with EU Law in September 2012.

Many thanks to Mr. Kuşkonmaz and Mr. Gönen for devoting their time to create this event.

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