Director’s Statement

They say Maltepe was a Greek fishing village in old times. This coastline is a place I do walking and workout near by, meeting place with some friends for drinking & eating also a place with full of some childhood memories…

When I was a kid, Maltepe had less population. It was a quite place and popular with its clean sea. We were going the famous Sureyya Beach for swimming and relaxing in the tea gardens while we were drinking our tea near the coast. During that time, not only Maltepe coastline, also all coastline area from Bostancı to Tuzla has completely changed. It has been filled. Sureyya Beach has been destroyed and the sea has polluted the beaches. But this area is still one of the most beautiful places in Istanbul Asian side with its nature and habitat.

As far as I know COASTLANDERS 8 to 8 is the first documentary not only about Maltepe Coastline and Sureyya Beach also about Maltepe itself. So it is honor for me and I’m ecstatic about it!

I love oral history as Flamenco storytelling. It gives me a sincere feeling about the individuals and memories of the interviewees. That’s why I wanted to interview the people who understands the old days of Maltepe Coastline and Sureyya Beach, and who have been living here for a long time. I didn’t want to add or say something extra so I let them tell their own stories which created the script of my movie right after I edited and rearranged them in post production process. I shot the movie –including interviews- within in 1 day (except some extra shots which were not possible at the same say ) as its name from 08:00 a.m. until 08:00 pm. It was very hectic and tiring day with a lot of sunburn as well…

As a director, I worked with different TV channels and production companies for making TV programs or promotional films. I also worked as a freelance director for shooting some promotional films. In the past I made some short movies as co producer, executive producer and worked as production coordinator, art director, director assistant and actress. On the other hand COASTLANDERS 8 to 8 is my first short documentary as producer also director. I made this short humble documentary with a very low budget and hard conditions. I wanted to thank all the people who helped me and for understanding my movie. Kudos goes out to my small crew, my lovely interviewees and my musician friend Umur Türel with its touchy song “Crying Out”.  Many thanks to my parents, my brother and close friends for their patience for me during this process.

Orkide Ünsür



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