Metruk’s World Premiere was in Izmir

I was invited to 11th International Izmir Short Film Festival which was held on between 3-7 November 2010 with my short experimental documentary Metruk (The Abandoned). This year, the only competition category was for the short fictions. Metruk was selected for the documentary category with 9 other documentaries from the world and Turkey.

Metruk was screened on Saturday 6, November as a final movie of 17:00 session. It was nice and exciting screening for me.

Jury members selected  Aprilis Suskhi as best film. Jury Special Prize went to Berf. A special festival award for 11th year went to An’ı Yaşamak.

I met some filmmaker friends and other friends who are on film business and we spent enjoyable time together such as attending parties, dinners etc. We watched interesting short films from all over the world during 2 days we spent in Izmir.

International Izmir Short Film Festival is one of the most remarkable short film festivals in Turkey. I wish them to find more fund, support and sponsorships in the future. Izmir’s audiences were wonderful with their excite, interest and cinema love. Many of them had to watch the films were standing still because the auditorium was full for all sessions. Many thanks to Festival’s President and also Izmir Cinema Association’s President Kayhan Kırmızıgül, Festival Program Director Tuna Yılmaz and other festival people for their kindness and support.

Orkide Ünsür & Kayhan Kırmızıgül

Theron Patterson & Orkide Ünsür


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One thought on “Metruk’s World Premiere was in Izmir

  1. ElJay Arem (IMC OnAir - IMCRadio.Net) November 11, 2010 at 12:16 am Reply

    congrats… keep on rollin!
    P.S.: you have some holes in your stockingsin the pic with Theron P. Funny, looks like a Punk girl. 🙂

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